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Looking to protect against the threat of break-in at home or work? Leaving yourself vulnerable by manually delivering cash between your business and the bank? For over 40 years, our team a Patlaw Securities have been providing protection for peoples’ homes and businesses. Throughout Yeppoon, we’ve designed, supplied and installed security solutions from Meiland Street to Keppel Bay.


Being in the industry since 1976 has opened our eyes to the real security threats that your everyday person just wouldn’t be aware of. We’ll use our experience to protect the people and property you truly care about. When designing your next security solution, we’ll tailor it to your individual circumstances, drawing on options from access control systems, alarms and CCTV, to security guards and secure cash delivery services.


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At Patlaw Securities, we offer end-to-end security solutions to protect people and businesses in Yeppoon. Contact us to design, install or upgrade your security systems.


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Do you need experienced security guards for your business, nightclub or upcoming event? Our team are licensed and available to help with crowd control in Yeppoon.


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A break-in at your Yeppoon home or business could be devastating, but easily preventable. Install an alarm system with 24/7 monitoring to prevent thieves from striking.


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Whilst an effective CCTV system deters break-ins, it also provides evidence if someone does. We design, install and test networks in Yeppoon to protect your property.


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Access control systems allow you to manage who enters your Yeppoon property and when. We install all the latest technology from voice control and PIN entry to keycard technology.


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Do you manually transfer cash from your business to the bank? There’s a much more secure way to do things. We provide secure cash delivery for commercial customers in Yeppoon.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An alarm system is great at detecting and alerting you when there is unintended movement in your business premises after hours. However, what do you do next? Without knowing whether there is a break-in or something less sinister happening, it’s hard to decide the best course of action. If there is a robbery in progress, do you really want to put yourself in danger? At Patlaw Securities, when you opt for alarm monitoring and there’s a disturbance, we’ll visit your Yeppoon business to determine what’s happening and we’re trained to respond.

Yes. If you operate a business that uses cash – for instance a shop, restaurant or hire service – you most likely visit the bank to drop off your earnings and pick-up smaller denominations multiple times a week. In an era where most commercial premises are heavily protected with sophisticated CCTV, alarms and access control systems, this becomes the weak link in your security. Without noticing it, thieves study the patterns of business owners and your regular visit to the bank. This is not just an issue confined to urban areas, but it also occurs in suburban areas like Yeppoon where there are fewer prying eyes. So, don’t risk your hard-earned cash, contact Patlaw Securities for secure cash delivery.