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Need to hire security guards for your venue, business or event? Looking to upgrade your home security system to help keep everyone safe? At Patlaw Securities, we’re experts in providing protection for people, businesses and homes. We’ve designed, installed and supplied security solutions for customers throughout Rockhampton for over 40 years; from Fitzroy Street to Frenchville.


Through decades of local experience, we understand the real security risks across locations and industries; so why not tap into our knowledge to help protect the people and property you value. Our security solutions are tailored to your particular needs, with plenty of options in our armoury from alarm, CCTV and access control systems, to security guards and secure cash delivery services.


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We provide end-to-end security solutions in Rockhampton to keep you protected. Talk to us at Patlaw Securities for design, supply and installation of security systems and services.


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Need reliable crowd control for your next function in Rockhampton? We provide security guards for any occasion from community and sporting events to busy nightclubs and parties.


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Deter people from breaking into your Rockhampton home or workplace by installing an alarm system. We provide 24/7 monitoring to stop would-be thieves in their tracks.


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CCTV cameras can be placed discretely in your Rockhampton home or business to monitor break-ins. We install the latest equipment, so you can keep an eye on things when you’re away.


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Have greater control over who enters your Rockhampton business and when. From card key technology to voice control and PIN entry, we’ll tailor an access control system for you.


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Manually delivering cash to and from the bank provides an ideal opportunity for thieves to strike. Protect your employees and your income by organising secure cash delivery in Rockhampton.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If your gathering fits the criteria for a temporary event it’s possible that you’ll need security. Based on Rockhampton Regional Council guidelines, “dependent on the type, scale and scope of the event, Council and/or the Queensland Police Service may require you to engage Police officers on special duties, security guards and/or crowd control, at your expense”. To identify what security you need for your particular event, contact the Queensland Police Service. When you know exactly what’s required, get in touch with us at Patlaw Securities, where we supply security guards trained in crowd control.

If your Rockhampton business is at a size where supplying everybody with a key no longer makes sense; it’s time to get an access control system installed. These vary in design, enabling access to your office via card keys, voice control or PIN entry. They’re more secure than the traditional ‘lock and key’ systems, where a misplaced key requires you to replace all of your locks at considerable expense. You can restrict building access to particular times of the day, set up temporary access for visitors and identify who’s been entering your office and when. Call us at Patlaw Securities, where we’ll design and install an access control system based on your needs.