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Had a break-in at home or work recently and want to prevent it from happening again? Need professional security guards for your venue to help with crowd control and ID checks? We provide all the protection people need for their businesses and homes at Patlaw Securities. With over 40 years’ experience, we design, supply and install security solutions that really work; from Central Gladstone to South Gladstone and New Auckland.


We’ve come to deeply understand security and protection, including what threats you legitimately need to protect against in your local area. From being in the industry since 1976, we’re able to use this experience to protect the people and property you value the most. We design our security solutions to your particular needs, drawing on options such as security guards and secure cash delivery services, CCTV, alarms and access control systems.


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We tailor security solutions to the needs of our Gladstone customers. For a security assessment, installation or hire of security services, get in touch with Patlaw Securities.


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Are you hosting a function that requires a security presence? Our security guards are available for any occasion in Gladstone; whether it’s a public event or private party.


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Stop break-ins at your Gladstone property before they happen. Alarm systems are a strong deterrent against thieves, with our 24/7 monitoring service adding a further line of defence.


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It’s difficult to determine who’s guilty of breaking into your home or business without evidence. We install CCTV systems that safeguard your Gladstone property against break-ins.


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Manage who enters your business and where they can go by installing the latest keycard, voice control or PIN technology. Our access control systems are available now in Gladstone.


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If you still manually transfer cash from your business to the bank, there’s a widely used alternative that’s convenient and safe. Talk to us about secure cash delivery in Gladstone.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are plenty of ways to make your Gladstone home more secure. Traditionally, we take security much more seriously in our business, yet the most important things to protect are right at home. If you’re ready to increase protection for your family at home, these are some of the options available. Firstly, there’s break-in deterrence, including access control systems, alarms, and prominent security signage. If someone does get into your house, then alarm monitoring will have someone on-site as quickly as possible to see what’s going on. Finally, modern CCTV cameras can be so discrete they’ll capture invaluable footage without a thief even knowing they’ve been recorded. This can make the difference for police when trying to track them down. For help with any of these options, get in touch with Patlaw Securities today.

There are a variety of companies that offer security guards in Gladstone, including Patlaw Securities. If you need security for any occasion, from community, sporting and music events, to shopping centres, nightclubs or other social gatherings—simply get in touch. Our security guards are professionally trained and licensed, with the experience necessary to perform identity checks, monitor crowd behaviour and diffuse tense situations. We also offer static security (personnel to monitor your business premises and property), with a back-up team of patrol cars to help respond to any incidents.