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Need to replace your ageing security system with something more reliable and discrete? Looking for a safer option than manually transferring cash between your work and the bank? Since 1976, our team at Patlaw Securities have been helping to protect people, homes and businesses. We design, install and supply the latest security solutions for customers throughout Biloela; from Callide Street to Washpool Gully.


With over 40 years’ experience, we’ve come to know what security risks are most prevalent depending on your location and the industry in which your business operates. Why not tap into this knowledge to help protect the people and property you care about the most. We draw from on our armoury of resources, from CCTV, alarm and access control systems to secure cash delivery services and security guards.


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We offer security solutions that take into consideration your true risk factors. For installation of a security system in Biloela, or to hire crowd control, call Patlaw Securities.


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Do you need protection for your business or crowd control for a bar? Our licensed security guards can help with any occasion, from public events to nightclubs and festivals in Biloela.


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Prevent thieves from breaking into your Biloela home or business by installing an effective alarm system. We also offer 24/7 monitoring to alert you if anything happens.


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Modern CCTV systems can provide high-quality recording whilst remaining discreet. We install the latest systems in Biloela which can be monitored easily from your phone.


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If you’re still using ‘lock and key’ technology for your Biloela business, then you’re behind the times! We can install an access control system to better manage your onsite security.


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Transporting cash from your business to the bank under the passenger seat of your car is not a safe option. Use our secure cash delivery service in Biloela to make the process safer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to increase security for your business premises in Biloela is through threat identification, deterrence, alerting and monitoring. Depending on your business type you may decide to hire security guards. This could include guards that are stationed at your property during operating hours, or who simply conduct perimeter checks at night. They’ll identify any potential threats and handle situations professionally. There are other deterrence options including prominent security signage, alarms and access control systems – which restrict entry and log access data. Alarm monitoring is the quickest way to help deal with potential threats when they arise and CCTV cameras can record invaluable footage to help police identify criminals if they’re successful in their break-in attempt. Lastly, secure cash delivery helps to strengthen the weakest part of most businesses’ security. For an assessment of your business’s security, call Patlaw Securities today.

Yes. CCTV systems are an effective form of protection for both residential and commercial premises in Biloela. Business owners have long relied on CCTV and alarm systems to safeguard their properties from break-ins and vandalism. However, when most people think about home CCTV, their association is one of giant cameras, protruding from every corner of their property, creating an eyesore yet delivering minimal benefit. This couldn’t be further from the truth with modern CCTV systems available in a variety of slick, minimalistic designs, whilst offering incredible recording quality. They can be so discrete that thieves won’t even know they’ve been caught in the act and can be monitored from your mobile device through an app – no matter where you are! To find out more, contact us at Patlaw Securities.