Alarm Systems Rockhampton

If prevention of criminal activity such as a break-in or protection for you, your family and your home is a concern, then an alarm system is ideal.


There are many different features available to choose from and each alarm system is custom designed to suit specific requirements whether it be residential or commercial/industrial.


The result of being affected by a break and enter can not only be costly but also take an emotional toll on your family. Patlaw will assess your property and your needs individually and can provide a system that is not only easy to use but can protect your family/property both whilst you are at home and away. Also on occasions we have requests to adapt our systems to assist with day to day duties such as incorporating electronic roller doors, electronic gates, and intercom systems through our alarm systems – providing one touch solutions reducing the need for various remote controls.


From small corner stores to warehouses, through to commercial sites that operate on a 24/7 basis, Patlaw can design and install a system to suit your requirements. From basic alarm systems, swipe card access control through to outdoor perimeter protection systems, Patlaw can work with you to create a system which can not only manage itself but can also give you full control and access to records over who enters your premises.

Serviceability is often a factor that seems to be forgotten with many security companies. However, we pride ourselves on offering continual service of all our installations and will even help out best we can for those systems that were installed by other companies.

Tip: Correctly specified and installed alarm systems may reduce your insurance costs. Check with your insurer for more details.

Our alarm systems can be brought or rented to suit your budget so if you are looking for alarm systems Rockhampton or Central Queensland wide – Patlaw Securities has you covered!

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